Top 4 Disney Resorts

I love staying on Disney property.  There are so many more things to do for Disney lovers than ever imagined.  The theming of the different resorts creates a unique feel for each of them.  I am very fortunate to say that I have stayed at many of the Disney resorts (and even worked at one of them).  Listed below are my favorite four.

#4 Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney features many one-of-a-kind experiences in their parks but when Animal Kingdom Lodge was created, they opened a whole new door for resorts.  Where else in the United States can you see a giraffe from your hotel room window?  I can’t think of any other place besides Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This hotel is beautifully constructed and makes you feel like you are in Africa.  It has always been on my bucket list to visit Africa, so this resort brings out my adventurous side.  I am a lover of animals and being able to have a room in the “Savannah” is incredible.  The only real drawback of this resort is that it is the farthest away from most of the parks and the only method of transportation is by bus.  However, the experience you get while staying at this resort is worth it.  This resort is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

#3 The Wilderness Lodge

As I am from Wisconsin, The Wilderness Lodge makes me feel like I am right at home.  The forest and log-home feel remind me of the midwest.  This resort is cozy.  With fireplaces, comfy chairs and dim lighting in the lobby it would not be hard to take a nice nap.  The resort is a short boat ride to Magic Kingdom, but tucked away so you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere.  It has been a long time since I have stayed in the resort, but the Whispering Canyon Cafe is one of my favorite places on property to eat at.    I am excited to stay in this resort again.  It is the perfect place for me to visit if I am feeling homesick.

#2 Beach Club

Before working at the Polynesian, I always claimed that Beach Club was my favorite Disney resort.  The resort is themed with beach decor like seashells and starfish.  The smell when you walk in the lobby is pleasantly distinct and you feel as if you are part of an exclusive beach club.

My favorite part about this resort is the wide variety of things to do.  Yacht Club resort is connected to Beach Club, and holds Yachtsman’s Steakhouse which is my all-time favorite restaurant on Disney property.   You can also stop at Beaches and Cream which is where the famous “kitchen-sink” lives.  Beach Club is also a short walk away to the Boardwalk where there are tons of other restaurants, activities and sources of entertainment.

My dad’s favorite part about the resort was that is was steps away from his favorite park, Epcot.  You also get a good view of Illuminations at night from the resort and my sisters voted that Beach Club has the best pool.  Traveling to parks is easy as you can take the Epcot monorail to Magic Kingdom and they have a boat or walking path that will take you to Hollywood Studios.  This resort will forever be one of my favorites.

#1 Polynesian Village

No surprises here, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is always going to be my home away from home.  This is the resort where I worked my DCP and I have a deep appreciation for the culture that embodies it.  When you stay here, you feel like you are on a Polynesian island.  They are even one of the few resorts that have a cultural representative in the lobby to talk to guests about what it is like to live on a Polynesian island.

From the food to the decor to the smell-everything is tropical. And let’s talk about that food… The Polynesian has some of the best food on Disney property.   ‘Ohana, Tambu Lounge, Kona Cafe, Kona Island, Trader Sam’s, and Captain Cooks are all delicious.  Not to mention Pineapple Lanai where you always have access to a Dole Whip.

The Polynesian has a relaxed vibe and has endless activities.  You can enjoy two pools, a torch lighting ceremony, boat rentals, campfires, movies under the stars, and a luau while you stay.  Not to mention it has a perfect view of Cinderella Castle to watch the fireworks and it is on the monorail loop.  I highly recommend this deluxe Disney resort to anyone. It will not disappoint.