DCP Roles


Attractions means that you will be working in one of the parks at a ride or other attraction.  Two of my roommates from my DCP worked in attractions.  One was at Soarin’ and the other at Pirates of the Caribbean.


  • Fun environment, costumes, easy ways to make magic, high level of guest interaction, get to know your coworkers well, get to see a lot of “behind the scenes” in the parks


  • Repetitive job, long hours (depending on park hours), have to deal with unhappy guests, may have to repeat the same spiel hundreds of times a day, cannot leave your position, may be forced to extend your shift


Bus Greeter

A bus greeter is stationed at the bus stop at every Disney resort.  They are in charge of making sure that the busses are arriving in a timely fashion and they are there to answer guest questions.


  • High level of guest interaction, consistent hours (usually work every day from about 6am-1pm), get to learn a lot about each resort, get to pick on a first-come first-served basis on which resort you want to work at that day


  • Have to deal with unhappy guests if the busses are behind schedule, your consistent work schedule may be the opposite of your roommates because most roles usually work nights, it may be difficult at first because guests will ask very specific questions about the resorts that you may not know


Convention Guide

This is the role I wanted the most.  I never met anyone who worked it so I do not know much about it, however, convention guides work in events around the parks.



This was my role during my college program and is considered the “hidden gem” of all roles.  I have to agree.  I would highly recommend custodial to anyone!


  • Flexibility, resort custodial has a consistent schedule (for me it was 3:30pm-12am, 5-6 days a week), as long as your area is clean you can do what you want, opportunities to make magic, you can walk around anywhere, high level of guest interaction, magic making opportunities, usually do not have to deal with upset guests, get to know your coworkers very well-they become family, easy to pick up shifts


  • Sometimes you have to work in bathrooms or clean up gross things (but there are chemicals for everything-it really isn’t that bad), long hours if understaffed




One of my roommates worked the monorail for part of her program.  She seemed to really enjoy it.


  • unique position-they don’t have monorails just anywhere, have the opportunity to drive the monorail, get to know your coworkers and can relax and talk during slow times


  • Monorails often times break down and you have to deal with angry guests, it can get very busy at park opening/close


PhotoPass Photographer


Character Attendant

Character Performer *must audition

Costuming Operations

Bell Services Dispatch/Greeter


Front Desk



Quick-Service Food & Beverage

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/Pirate Leauge



Vacation Planner

One of my roommates was a vacation planner at Animal Kingdom.  I think this is one of the best roles but it is also much more competitive.


  • Get to sit in an air-conditioned booth, get rewarded in gift cards for hitting your quota in ticket sales, high level of guest interaction during busy seasons, able to make magic, nice hours (only open during park hours) and usually morning shifts-mid afternoon


  • Upset guests, lots of information to learn-training is pretty intensive, sometimes it is a struggle to get more than 30 hours per week


Children’s Activities

While working at the Polynesian, I met different children’s activities cast members.  Their responsibilities were setting up activities for children and playing with them.


I regularly worked at the pool area during my DCP and I got to know some lifeguard pretty well.  I would never want the job, but most of them really enjoyed it.


  • Your scheduled hours are the hours that the pool/waterpark is open, if the pool closes due to weather you get to do other things or get sent home early, you get a nice tan, you can wear sandals, you get a lot of guest interaction, you work very closely with your group of lifeguards


  • You have to pass a test to be able to be a lifeguard, you will randomly be tested to make sure that you stay sharp (you have to jump in and save a person from “drowning”), you have to deal with upset guests when the pool closes for weather or unexpected reasons, it can be HOT, long hours in the summer and sometimes you can’t get enough hours during the winter, large responsibility, if you work at a waterpark and it closes in the winter you will have to transfer to a resort


Recreation Attractions