Web Based Interview (WBI)

So you applied, and lucky you, you got an email saying that you have three days to take the WBI.  If you are like me, you are probably super duper nervous.  Many people do not make it past the WBI, and I do not tell you this to scare you, I say this because if you want to get in you need to take it seriously!  It is very intimidating because you find out immediately after you finish it if you are going to move on in the application process or not. I can’t tell you exactly what is on it, and I wouldn’t if I could, but I will give you suggestions that helped me!  If you are wondering, I got my offer to take the WBI about 1 hour after I submitted my application, but I’m sure it varies…don’t let the timing freak you out.

Tips that helped me with the WBI:

  1. BE YOURSELF.  Again…do not lie….it will be way harder if you lie on it, not to mention that there are controls in place to detect if you are lying (I’ll get into that later).  Again, if Disney doesn’t like your answers, you probably won’t like working there.
  2. Take your time…read each question twice and slowly.  Parts of the test are timed…but I never exceeded my time limit.  If you are answering each question honestly, you should have no problem.  I also firmly believe that many questions have no right answer.  They want to gauge your personality type.
  3. Disney likes people who are passionate.  This being said there are many questions that are in the format of Strongly Agree..Agree…Neutral…Disagree…Strongly Disagree…if you are passionate about your answer, pick the “strongly” option.  Some people never make it through because they are way too neutral or don’t take a strong opinion.
  4. Look out for “tricky” questions.  This is how they can tell really easily if you are lying to please them.  For example a question may say “I am never late”, and another question may say “I am always on time”, and another question may say “Punctuality is important to me”.  Just make sure that you are consistent with each question.  Again, if you answer honestly, this will not be “tricky”
  5. You do not have to study for the questions, but if you want to practice for the WBI, I would recommend taking a personality quiz through a site like Gallup or even Buzzfeed.  This will get you prepared for the types of questions you might see and will hopefully calm your nerves. The questions are not meant to be difficult…there are no math equations or questions about the parks.  It is about YOUR personality, so be YOU.

I don’t recall the exact formatting.  But many questions were ranking statements as Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree…some of the questions were rate this on a scale of 0 to 10.  Be honest, be consistent, and have passionate opinions and I believe you can succeed!  I should also mention to take this in an area with good wireless connection where you will not be disturbed.  You do not want something stupid like a bad WIFI connection ruining your chances!

After you finish, it will tell you how you did…if you are considered a “strong candidate” like myself then great job!  If you fail, you cannot re-take another WBI for 6 months.  However, if you pass it, your WBI stays valid for 6 months…so often times if you turn down an offer for one program, you will not have to retake it if you apply again within 6 months for another program.  I really regret being so nervous about taking this assessment…it is really not that bad..I promise!