Phone Interview

Yay! You did it!  You are on your third and final step!  The dreaded phone interview as many view it is really NOT THAT BAD.  I surprisingly was not nervous for it at all.  You have to remember you are speaking to a person on the other end of the phone, and they are SUPER friendly.  All interviews are a little nerve-wracking, but you got this far, and that means that they want to hire you.

Plan your interview for a a time that works best for you.  If you are not a morning person, don’t plan it in the morning.  If you don’t want to sit around waiting for it all day, plan accordingly.  Make sure you can be away from distractions at that time and that your cell service will be fine (or go use a landline somewhere).

Here are my tips to interview success:

  1. Smile!  I am not joking.  Many people say this!  Smile while you are on the phone…I put a mirror in front of me so I could smile into it.  A smile goes a long way…especially with Disney…so be chipper because this is an incredible opportunity.
  2. They do not care about how much you love Disney…or how many times you’ve visited the parks.  They want to know how you can benefit them.  I’m not saying you can’t tie in your love for Disney, but when they ask why you want to work for them make sure your answer is something a little better than “I love Disney”.  They assume everyone who applies loves Disney…otherwise you wouldn’t apply, right?
  3. Make a “cheat sheet”.  Notice how I said SHEET not SHEETS.  Many people write down full sentences and so much information that you will get lost and sound ridiculous on the phone if you are shuffling through papers to get to your paper-answer.  I made a list that had my top roles and why I chose them, three weaknesses I have, the main reasons why I want to work for Disney, and little notes like “smile” and “don’t say um”.  This is like a speech…you do not want to memorize it, you want to be prepared and write down little notes that will jog your memory in case you forget what you wanted to say.
  4. Look over sample questions (both standard and situational) and go through and VERBALLY answer them.  When you write out answers to questions, it will sound un-natural.  You want to have a conversation with the interviewer, not sound like a robot.  Run through sample questions and see if you can answer them on your first try.  If you stumble over your words a lot, look up more questions and run through new ones.  There are no “set” questions for every interview, so be prepared to answer anything honestly.
  5. Questions you should prepare to answer or that are commonly asked are
    1. Why do you want to do the DCP/how will it help your future goals?
    2. Have you ever lived with roommates before?
    3. What are your weaknesses?
    4. What are your strengths?
    5. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
    6. Do you know what the Disney look is?
  6. Be prepared to answer questions specific to your work/volunteer experiences.  Remember, they only know what you put on your application, so be able to explain each one in detail and how it would relate to a Disney role.  Also, if you know what roles you selected interest in, practice situational questions in regards to those roles. For example if I selected high interest in character attendant, be prepared for a question like “What would you do if a child was pulling on Tigger’s tail?”
  7. Be honest!  I put moderate interest in photopass on my application and my interviewer asked if I am familiar with camera equipment.  I told her no, but I am more than willing to learn.  Don’t feel you have to say yes!  They want to find the best role for you!
  8. Try not to use lots of fillers like “um” and “like”.  If you have to take a second to answer that is fine.  If you can take a second to regroup and answer well, it looks better than you spewing out something they didn’t ask.
  9. Try not to be cliche!  Let your personality flow through.  Make them laugh! Have thoughtful answers to the basic questions.  Don’t try to tell them what they want to hear…they are Disney, they appreciate diversity!
  10. Ask questions!  Again, don’t be cliche and don’t be inappropriate.  Probably not the time to ask the interviewer what they’re favorite color is or how much money you are going to make.
  11. Use the interviewers name…not a lot, but at the end! This means write it down when they say it at the beginning of the interview. Disney is a first-name company, they love names!  It always leaves a good impression when you personally thank them using their name at the end.
  12. Have a good attitude!  You have to tell yourself that if you don’t get accepted everything will be fine.  If you do not get accepted it is not the end of the world.  You have to relax!
  13. Tell the truth.  Enough said. There have been people who have been terminated for not telling the truth about a visible tattoo, school, etc.
  14. They always ask you basic information before the interview process such as “is this a good time for you?”, “do you have any tattoos/piercings”, etc.  They are easy questions at the beginning so let that calm your nerves right away!  They don’t pick up the phone and ask you some complex question.  It is really NOT that bad.
  15. Each interview is about 15-30 minutes long…some shorter, some longer.  Time doesn’t dictate if it went well or poor.  Just keep in mind the interviewers have to interview a lot of people and be respectful of how long you are taking to answer your questions.  I’m not saying answer each one with a yes/no answer, but don’t drag an answer out to be 10 minutes long.
  16. Time!  Usually the time is set in EASTERN for the time zone.  Make sure you will be there to answer at the right time….I always hear horror stories about this.  Also they can call 15 minutes early, or like mine did, 15 minutes late. Just make sure you block off a good chunk of time and use the bathroom before that chunk of time starts!
  17. Good luck 🙂 And really do not worry…just be yourself!  If you are familiar with your application and have practiced answering some questions, you will do just fine!

Unlike the WBI, after you have your phone interview it is a process. You do not find out immediately whether you are accepted or not. Keep checking your dashboard to make sure you are still “in progress” and then wait for acceptances to come out.  Join a Facebook group for your program! It makes the waiting game easier when you are surrounded by people like you…waiting.  And be patient….I laugh as I say this because I am SO impatient, but it is also SO worth the wait!