You want to participate in the DCP? Great!  The first step to work for the Mouse is to fill out an application.  Now, compared to other applications I have filled out in the past this one is really not bad at all!  It is relatively short and concise but this definitely means that  you want to be selective about the information that you put on it.  I should also mention that this is the Disney COLLEGE program.  You have to abide by Disney’s school guidelines to even be considered.  It must be an accredited University. (I have heard of some beauty schools not being allowed).  You must be currently enrolled in at least one class or have just graduated.  If  you graduated from college you can only apply to do the program the semester after you graduate.  Also keep in mind you can save your application and finish it later.  

The first step is to make an account through Disney!  You are gong to go to this website and hit “apply now” in the right hand corner.  Keep in mind that there are only certain times that applications are accepted.  If you want to know when that is, go back to the Application Process Overview.  Make sure when you create an account that you use a good email address….and by this I mean not the email for your junk mail, or one that is unreliable.  Disney will email out all notices so you want to make sure you will see them ASAP!  Disney also gives the option to sign in through LinkedIn, however, I hear stories about it not working right…hopefully they fixed that but I erred on the side of caution and just did it the normal way.

Second step is to start your application!  After asking you for basic information (name, school, major blah blah blah) they will ask you about work/volunteer experiences.  When I applied there were only five slots for work/volunteer experience so you want to make sure you put down the jobs and volunteer work that show best who you are as a person, what skills you know, and the experiences that will reflect best to the roles you desire (I will get to the roles later). More specifically, they ask you to write about the responsibilities you had associated with each experience, and also the skills you needed for each one.  You do not have to fill in all five, in fact, people have been accepted into the program before with no work experience.  I do however, believe that a strong work experience will make you a stronger candidate.

TIP #1: DO NOT LIE.  I REPEAT DO NOT LIE ON YOUR APPLICATION.  Disney will find out if you lie…and you can guarantee that you will not be working there long if (or I should probably say “when”) they find out.  Maybe you won’t get caught but it is NOT work the risk. Be yourself.  If Disney does not want you when you are “being yourself” then you are probably not a good fit for the company.  I cannot stress this enough!

The third step is what I had the most enjoyable time with.  Disney will give you a list of all the roles that they offer and you have to look at each role and select No Interest, Low Interest, Moderate Interest, or High Interest. Now some people say you should put high interest for every role…I disagree, and I also think that makes you look bad only for the fact that Disney knows not everyone likes everything, that is why they let you select!  So again, be honest.  On the other end, do not put high interest in one role and no interest in all of the others…your chances of getting in would be slim.  I took a lot of time and went though each role and asked myself a series of questions about each role:

  1. Am I qualified for this role? (if you need a drivers license and do not have one you are not qualified for the role and shouldn’t put high interest)
  2. Would I enjoy this role?  (this is not do I want this role…this is more of “could I see myself liking my job” if i had this role….if you can’t stand vomit and you pick custodial….you will probably not enjoy it)
  3. Do I have a experience/skills that would make me good for this role?  (Disney usually picks roles on what YOU can do for THEM, for example if you’ve worked fast food all your life you will have higher skills for Quick Service Food & Beverage than for Concierge…make sure whatever role you chose you can defend why you would be good for that role, not just how much you want it)

TIP#2 Keep in mind that there are some roles that are more competitive than others such as Concierge and BBB/Pirates League.  If you only show interest in very competitive roles it may limit your chances.  Also know that if you really want a competitive role and you get to the phone interview, you should be able to sell yourself to the role!  Anyone can clean the park, but why can YOU be a concierge better than anyone else? Disney does not take a lot of time to get to know you…they see what positions they need filled and look at your previous work/volunteer experience and major to decide where you would fit best.  If you just want to get in to the program and don’t care which role you get, then I would recommend putting high interest in custodial, QSFB, attractions, and merchandise and tailoring your application to those roles. 

Based on these questions, I found that there were many roles I was not qualified for or would feel uncomfortable in.  For example, I don’t usually operate boats, so I would not feel right doing that in Disney.  I would also recommend writing out your top 3-5 roles and the reasons why you think you are the best fit in those roles…this will help you out a lot if you get to the interview process.

TIP#3 Take a picture/screenshot what you selected for each role…once you submit your application you cannot view that again.  It will help you out to prepare for your phone interview if you get that far.  I regretted not doing that and had a hard time remembering what I put high interest and low interest in. 

If you are curious about what different roles there are for the DCP either go to the page roles, or look on the Disney website for more general information.

The fourth step is my favorite part of the application.  I was so excited to see there was a languages section.  Don’t worry, if you only speak one language you are fine…but I was so excited that I could showcase that I knew some Spanish.  I studied Spanish in college, and I was excited to learn you do not have to be fluent!  For each language you list it asks if you are at a “basic level”, “communicative level” or “fluent”.  I put communicative and she asked about it in my interview.

If you are comfortable speaking another language you can take an assessment when you arrive.  Then if you pass you get a little golden badge on your name tag that says you speak that language. Disney guests are from all over the world, so even having a “basic” knowledge of a different language will help you out.

TIP#4 You can upload a resume to your dashboard!  I had no idea and noticed it way too late but if you want to submit a resume to aid your application, you can. I did not upload a resume and still got accepted, but it is an option I was not aware of. 

The last and final step is to submit that application!  Make sure you review it and check it for spelling and grammar errors.  I had my boyfriend at the time look over it to make sure it looked grammatically sound and that it read well too!  And then, after you submit it….the waiting game starts….see the next page- Web-Based Interview.