Application Process Overview

There are three steps to applying for the Disney College Program.  The first step is filling out the application, the second step is completing the Web Based Interview (WBI), and the third step is a phone interview.  Applications for the Disney College Program typically come out in late August for Spring and Spring Advantage, and early February  for Fall and Fall Advantage (our apps dropped in mid January and that was considered way early).

There are four different program options for first time applicants.  Fall Advantage runs from about late May to early January.  Fall runs from late August to early January.  Spring runs from early January to late May, and Spring Advantage runs from early January to late August.

When you complete the application you will create an account through Disney and you will be able to see what is called your “dashboard”.  There are different progress levels for your application.   “In Progress” is the best standing to have, that means that everything is going well, “Submission” means that for whatever reason your application is delayed.  It could be due to your lack of qualifications or it could simply be that they have a huge amount of applicants to process at the moment.  People get out of submission, and people get put into submission at different times.  Another status is “NLIC” which stands for “No Longer in Consideration”.  This unfortunately means that you are no longer being considered for the program at that time.  That happens to people for a variety of reasons as well.  If you get an offer, you will go into “Post Offer” stage.

Whatever your progress is, it helps to keep a positive attitude and remember that the DCP selects very few people compared to the number of applicants.  Disney gets approximately 50,000-60,000 applicants each period.  For Walt Disney World, they only select about 5,000, and for Disneyland, they only select about 500.  It is very competitive and many people have to apply multiple times to get accepted.

Click the links below to read more about the specific application process for each step:


Web Based Interview (WBI)

Phone Interview

Practice Interview Questions