June 7, 2017

We awoke this morning and went and got Chick fil’a for breakfast.  Lindsey and Erin had never ate their before so I introduced them to my beloved waffle fries and Polynesian sauce.

I had to go to Casting at 1:10pm so I went and dropped Erin and Lindsey off at Disney Springs.  Erin had never been to any place at Walt Disney World before so it was a whole new experience for her.

The weather was horrible, it was raining all day.  I ran over to Casting after dropping them off at Disney Springs and got an “alumni” button as soon as I walked through the doors.  They made fun of me for being an alumni and not bringing an umbrella.  I waited in line with other interns and filled out my I9 documents and got fingerprinted.  Because I worked for the company less than 6 months ago, I didn’t have to take Traditions again so I also got my new name tag and information for my first day of work.

I remembered the man who approved my documents so I could be fingerprinted.  His name is Jeff and his daughter’s name is Kaitlyn (spelled like mine).  I remembered talking to him about it during my college program so it was fun to see a familiar face.

Casting went a lot quicker than I was expecting, so I drove over and met Erin and Lindsey at Disney Springs.  We went and got Blaze pizza for lunch and looked around in the shops.   Chrissy was nice enough to offer her guest passes to us, so we headed back to the apartment so we could go to Magic Kingdom.

I got a ton of “mom” photos of Erin since she had never been to Magic Kingdom before (or rode a monorail…whaaaattt).  I made her take a picture in front of everything.  We also got pixie dusted 🙂  We spent the day riding everything we could and we rode all three mountains in a row (and got SOAKED on Splash).  We got to watch Happily Ever After in front of the castle this time, and I must say, the projections are wonderful.

It was a long day and again, we were exhausted.  Not to mention I still hadn’t unpacked my moving truck.  Oops….

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