June 5, 2017

Today’s the day!  Erin, Lindsey and I loaded into the 16′ moving truck and my little ford focus and left Eau Claire at 5am.  It was so difficult to drive away from the only home I’ve ever known-but I know that I need to be in Orlando right now.  Regardless of where life takes me, Wisconsin will always be home.

I made the mistake of forgetting to stock up on Spotted Cow and Serendipity before leaving Wisconsin, so we stopped at a Kwik Trip in southern Wisconsin.  Apparently, the Kwik Trip didn’t sell New Glarus beer there (what?!) so they directed me to the Festival Foods across the street.  It may have been a slight delay, but I am happy to say I have enough Spotted Cow to last me through at least the next football season.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch in Effingham, IL.  Cracker Barrel just makes me think of the south, and I indulged in hash brown casserole and biscuits and sausage gravy-and a LOT of sweet tea. Erin and I took turns driving the truck and rotated with Lindsey who followed us in the car most of the way.

We hit a huge rain storm just before arriving in Chattanooga, TN. It had just turned dark out and Erin was driving a 16′ moving truck down the side of a mountain in pouring rain. The visibility was low and I won’t lie-it was pretty scary.  Luckily we got down the hill just fine- Lindsey said later she had no idea we were panicking in the truck (she also didn’t notice all the “run-away semi” areas going down the mountain).

We were so happy to reach our Holiday Inn Express in Chattanooga.  It was a long 13 hour day of driving and we wanted food and a bed.  Lindsey found a lost kitten in the front of the hotel.  She smuggled it into the hotel in her blanket-I made her go give it to the front desk when I noticed.  She wanted a road-trip pet.

We ended up going to the Taco Bell across the street from the hotel to get some tacos.  It didn’t take any of us long to fall asleep.