June 22, 2017

Today is Thursday which means today is PAYDAY! YAY! (EPCOT-Every Paycheck Comes on Thursday) I wish I could explain to you how much I love getting paid after living off of spaghetti and green smoothies for a couple of weeks.  The work day went well and it was my last day working in a cubicle. I finished up my Floral & Gifts project from Wednesday and met with Nick to discuss a new project.  My new assignment is designing the baskets that will be launched for special events and holidays for the next year which is both overwhelming and exciting.  I am glad I get to finally show off my creative side but it is going to be a lot of work and number crunching.

When I got home, Chrissy and I decided to watch a movie.  She is very disappointed in how many movies I haven’t seen, so we are working through her collection.  We watched Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds and it was very cute.  She says the next movie I need to see is Les Miserables but I’m not super excited about that one.