June 12, 2017

Today was my very first day as a Business Management Professional Intern for Event Operations!  I started out my morning at Access Control in Disney University.  I had to go get my new blue ID.  This time I got my picture on it (yay!).

I arrived at work fairly early and made my way to the lobby.  I found a group of people waiting for training so I sat down with them.  After I clocked in, I realized they were all servers and I was in the wrong place.  The lady in charge of the training walked me to Nick’s office and I met my boss for the first time.

He is so incredibly nice and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to work for and to learn from.  He has been with Disney for almost 20 years and has worked in a variety of roles including finance, catering, conventions, and was even a chef.  Nick gave me a brief tour of the facility and explained more about the projects the last intern did.

From what it sounds like, I will be working on numerous projects during the next six months.  Anything and everything from weddings to floral to menu planning.

I sat in on a conference call meeting right away with ladies from the floral and gifting department.  As of now, it sounds like the majority of my time will be helping out with floral and gifting and running the numbers on their products. I could not have found a more perfect fit for my skills and interests.

Nick was kind enough to take me out to lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge.  It was nice to be able to learn more about his background with the company and to get his advice on how to advance my career.  He seems to genuinely care which is such a relief since you never really know what your boss is going to be like.

I spent the afternoon in more meetings and started to jump right in to the number crunching.  Everyone I met was kind, caring, and respected me like an adult.  They wanted to hear my opinions on things and I think that this job is an incredible opportunity for me to not only build my resume, but to expand my knowledge in many different areas. Learning from Nick will be a great experience.  He knows so much about finance, events, and data.  I am so relieved I found a job I love right out of college, and I can’t wait to get started.

Best part is….I have a name plate 🙂

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