July 13, 2017

Today was one of those days that made me confident that I made the right decision to move to Florida. Sometimes the little things at work bring me so much joy, and I love that I have the chance to meet the most incredible people.

Today I was on my own for most of the day because Nick had two out-of-office meetings he had to go to.  I did some work in the morning and then decided to go check out the Floral & Gifts photoshoot that I was invited to earlier in the week.  One of the ladies I have been working with for Floral & Gifts was there, and she showed me around the area.

One of the floral workers was working on perfecting a Christmas tree that I probably can’t post pictures of yet, but it is GORGEOUS.  Anyways, I asked her if I could help out at all and she showed me how to make bows out of ribbon.  I made three bows to go on the tree which was so fun for me because I’m not even crafty!  So when the tree gets launched on the website, I’ll be famous! 😉

They had a bunch of products to photoshoot for the upcoming holiday seasons and also some items from Disneyland because apparently we create the photos for them as well. It was a fun experience for me.  After a while, I got to build some droids to put in the photoshoot for next week.  I was building them with my coworker and got to talk to her more about her roles before she was in Floral.  Apparently she worked in animation when we still had a studio here in Florida.  She worked on Lilo & Stitch and said that it was the best job she ever had.  Unfortunately, the studio was shut down in 2004, and she didn’t want to move to California so she changed roles.  She also met Roy E. Disney, Walt’s nephew, and said he was the sweetest man that truly cared about people.

It is so humbling to be able to work with people that have the most impressive backstories.  I am so glad that I work for a company that is truly magical.