July 12, 2017

At work today I worked with Nick on Floral but he was overall pretty busy since it was his first day back in the office after vacation.  The day went by quickly and I was excited to leave because I got to go visit Pandora!  Chrissy and I headed to Animal Kingdom when I got off of work and barely made it to our Fastpass for Festival of the Lion King. Chrissy bought a nice camera so she was eager to try it out.  After Festival of the Lion King we went to Pandora.

I personally do not like that Disney decided to add in Pandora.  Avatar is not Disney, and I don’t like the movie, so I was not thrilled with the decision.  However, I must say that the land is beautiful.  It was designed with a high level of detail and care.

We first went to the quick-service restaurant Satu’li Canteen and I got a Satu’li Bowl with chopped wood-grilled chicken, red & sweet potato hash and creamy herb dressing.  I also tried the chocolate cake. The food was excellent.  It was a very odd combination-but reminded me of a non-Mexican flavored Chipotle burrito bowl. The dessert was rich like dark chocolate, but delicious.  Chrissy got the blueberry cream cheese mousse and it was also great.

We only had time to go on Flight of Passage because the line was 2 hours and 15 minutes long, but I can honestly say that it is the coolest ride I have ever been on.  It is like Soarin’ on crack. After we walked around and took photos. Good job Animal Kingdom, you have won me over!

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