This is a timeline of the important dates and announcements that happened for my program.  It usually varies, but it gives you the general idea.

January 13, 2016-Started Accepting Applications for Fall/Fall Advantage

January 14, 2016 (earlier in day)-Applied for the DCP and submitted my application

January 14, 2016 (later in day)-Received an email to sign up for the WBI

January 15, 2016-Took the WBI, and received an email to sign up for a phone interview

January 29, 2016-Phone interview

February 19, 2016-I was accepted for Fall Advantage!  This was also the first day of acceptances for WDW. I registered with DORMS, viewed my acceptance letter and role, paid my program fees, picked my arrival and departure dates, and took a short survey of housing preferences (on or off Disney property).

March 16, 2016-Received my DCP postcard in the mail!

March 28, 2016-Summer 1 term for registering for seminars opened.  I was not eligible for this opening as the dates to attend were May 16-August 5.

April 4, 2016-Received an email about the “Disney Look”, Summer 1 Registration was open to register for classes and seminars (4pm EST)

April 15, 2016-All acceptance decisions were supposed to be made by this date, however some people found out after this date.

April 18, 2016-Received a “new hire portal” email and had to create an account and sign a ton of forms regarding working, taxes, etc.

April 19, 2016-Received a reminder to plan for the program email with links to additional information

April 27, 2016-Received a Disney email regarding Sodexo products for purchase

May 2, 2016– Received an email for Summer 2 Registration, this registration I was applicable for as the dates were between June 13-September 2

May 4, 2016-Received another reminder email to look over the checklist for arrival

May 5, 2016-Registration for classes/seminars opened for Summer 2 term at 4pm EST…but actually more like 4:13pm EST, I got into both seminars Disney Heritage and Disney Leadership and received confirmation emails for both

May 16, 2016-Received registration information for housing, and linked with my roommates.  Also received my “Housing Boarding Pass” through email.

May 17, 2016-Received another Sodexo email for purchasing housing stuff.

June 1, 2016-Received arrival itinerary via email.

June 6, 2016-Check-in day!

June 9, 2016-Housing meeting

June 10, 2016-Traditions

June 12, 2016-Training

June 13, 2016-Training, got my log on information for the Hub

June 14, 2016-Training, got my costume

December 5, 2016-Winter Formal (at Coronado Springs)

December 13, 2016-Graduation (Day 1)

December 14, 2016-Graduation (Day 2)

January 5, 2017-Departure day 😦