September 13, 2016

The last 11 days I spent in Wisconsin were incredible, so thank you so much to everyone that made my trip home great!  I took a shuttle out of Eau Claire at 2:15am this morning in order to get to the cities and catch my flight at 7:00am to Orlando.  I do not sleep well on busses or airplanes so needless to say when I arrived in Orlando at 11am I was exhausted.  The flight went well, but finding an Uber to get me home was a struggle and it was expensive!  I found out that it is very confusing to explain to someone where to pick you up in the airport when you are not familiar with it.

My Uber driver was very friendly and I appreciated his patience in trying to find me.  He told me stories during the trip to my apartment about working as a driver.  He showed me a picture of him with Melissa McBride who plays Carol on The Walking Dead.   He was her ride for a week and he said she was a very nice lady!

Finally I arrived home!  Gretta and Cassie were in the living room and the whole apartment had been decorated by Gretta for Halloween.  It looks so festive! I didn’t chat for long because I was exhausted.  I slept from around noon until 6:30pm.  I got up, made some dinner (a lean pocket), watched The Prince and Me with Cristina, took a shower, and went back to bed!