May 16, 2016

Today was such an exciting day!  I received an email (of course right before I was supposed to take my finance final-goodbye focus) about Disney housing registration being open.  I had been nervous that the girls that I found on Facebook to live with would not all be able to “link” up with me.  The first arrival group of participants could only link up with one other person-so needless to say I almost cried happy tears when I saw that we could link up with five!  This means that I will be living with the girls I found previously (hopefully) and I am so excited.  Now I can start my roommate gifts this week!  We listed our first choice for housing as a 3 bedroom-6 person apartment in Patterson Court (which is gorgeous) and our second choice as a 3 bedroom-6 person apartment in Chatham.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.49.58 PM