June 9, 2016

Today was a relatively slow day compared to how jam-packed every day has been so far.  We had a housing meeting at 12:15pm in The Commons which is one of the four housing complexes. Three of us had the meeting at that time so we walked together to it.  The meeting lasted about two hours and was overall very boring.  They went through our employee handbook which we received on check-in day and mainly talked about safety and things that you can do to get you terminated.  Most of it was common sense in my opinion-obviously we can’t have a hookah pipe or a gun on property.  The most exciting part of the meeting was when you walked inside to sit down because they had loud music playing and lights dancing on the walls-other than that, pretty boring.

After our housing meeting, I decided to work on some homework and some of the girls went to the outlet mall nearby.  I guess they have a Disney outlet store with great prices that I have to check out!  We all decided to watch Grey’s Anatomy and relax for a while in the afternoon.  At 7pm we wandered over to The Commons again because they were having a movie night for all of the housing residents.  The movie playing was The Hunchback of Notre Dame and they served us popcorn, chips, and soda for free!  Overall, it was a fun time to just hang out and watch a movie with my roommates (and get free snacks).

After the movie, I decided to go to bed because I had to wake up for Traditions the next day at 5:00am!! (We had to catch the bus by 6:55-boo!)

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