June 8, 2016

Today was a productive day!  I slept in a bit and tried to figure out how to get my parking pass for the apartments.  In previous years, Disney never charged you to park at the complexes but this year it is $50 if you pre-register your car, and $75 if you don’t.  The whole process was very confusing as we got a temporary parking pass but there were really no directions on how to pay for the actual sticker.  Eventually we got an email on the day the temporary pass expired which told us to pay online.  Of course, the website crashed when I went to pay for my pass so I got charged $50 twice-they will refund me, but I have to wait 3-5 business days.  To get our pass you have to go to the clubhouse and bring a printed copy of your receipt of payment from online in the computer lab, proof of insurance, registration, your housing ID, and drivers license.

After the parking fiasco, I decided to be productive and get a load of laundry done.  The laundry room is actually pretty nice.  It is a separate building right next to where we live and it has air conditioning.  You can also pay with a debit/credit card which is very convenient.  The prices are pretty reasonable $1.25 to wash, and $1.25 to dry for 60 minutes.  I guess I was having an off day though because I forgot to start my dryer until 30 minutes after I put my clothes in.  Overall the laundry facilities were pretty nice!

Once I brought all of my laundry in, we decided to take a trip to Walmart.  I needed some groceries and a few other girls needed things too so we all went our separate ways and met back at the car.  It turns out a few of the girls tried to take the bus to Walmart earlier in the day but it had been closed down due to a bomb threat.  It was open when we arrived but there were news stations in the parking lot.  It is amazing at how busy Walmart is here.  On a weekday it is just as busy as our Walmart at home on Black Friday. After Walmart we decided to stop at Publix.  I was very excited to go inside (if you know me, you know I love grocery shopping).  Publix was very impressive!  It was extremely clean, not busy, and had a great produce/deli/prepackaged foods selection.   Everyone tells me that when you go to Publix you have to try a Publix sub sandwich from the deli but due to my card charging me twice earlier, I decided to leave that for a different day.  I can tell that I am going to miss grocery shopping there after I return home.

It took a while to get all of my groceries put away and I was so hungry so I made myself a quick late lunch.  We all just relaxed for a while until 8pm when we decided to go out and do something fun!  We drove to Magic Kingdom and parked there for free (Gretta has an annual pass with free parking :)), we took the parking tram to the monorail and took the monorail to the Polynesian.  It was Stephanie and Cassie’s first time on a monorail and I don’t know if they were more excited to ride it or if I was.  We got off at the Polynesian and walked around a bit.  It was really neat to see the resort and know that I would be working there soon!

We walked into Trader Sam’s which is a Tiki bar on the main level of the Polynesian. The inside was really cool looking.  It was dark and had spooky music playing with shrunken heads around for decor.  Unfortunately, there were no open tables inside, so we went and sat on the deck.  There was a man playing live music, and we got a table that looked directly across Cinderella Castle so we could watch the fireworks.  We all ordered a “Polynesian Pearl”.  It was a drink served in a pearl cup with Rum Chata, Grand Marnier, Cinnamon, and Tropical Juices.  It was sweet but had a holiday kind of flavor to it with the cinnamon. You get to keep the pearl cup as a souvenir too!

At 10pm the firework show at the Magic Kingdom, Wishes started!  It was the perfect viewing area for the fireworks if you couldn’t be in the park.  They played the music to the parade on the deck and you felt like you were almost there.  It was a really magical moment watching Wishes for the first time with everyone, and I cannot wait to watch it on Friday night when we can get into the park.