June 5, 2016

Today was the day we arrived in Orlando!  We woke up in Macon, Georgia and had breakfast at a nearby Waffle House.  It was my first time eating at a Waffle House so of course I had a waffle-it was delicious!  After breakfast we headed straight to Orlando.  We were in the car for about 5 hours until we arrived.  It felt really strange driving to Orlando as we always fly down, but I saw more of the city (and tolls) than I ever have before.   We were supposed to meet family friends around 4pm but had an hour to spare so we decided to go take a look at where I was going to be living.  The property is gated so we couldn’t get in, but even from the outside the buildings look beautiful and are tucked away on a rather quiet street.  After filling up on gas (yay Focus for making it 5 hours without stopping!), we went to our family friends house in downtown Orlando.  After spending some time with them at their home, they took us to a fancy restaurant called Hillstone.  I think it was the nicest restaurant I have ever been to.  It even had valet parking.  I ordered the Hawaiian Ribeye for dinner which was a grilled steak with a pineapple and soy sauce on it and I think it is one of the best meals I have ever had.  I wanted to take a picture of it so badly but didn’t want to be “that person”.  After dinner, we briefly toured Rollins College which has a stunning campus, and went back to the house to re-pack my car so I could see through my back window (haha).  It was a long day but I am happy we finally made it!  Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, so I decided to get to bed early. I also heard a tropical storm is on the way which I figure sounds nicer than just a regular storm. 🙂 More exciting Disney news to follow-almost there!