June 4, 2016

Today was a long day of driving.  We woke up in our not-so-nice Red Roof Hotel room in Danville, IL and left town.  The hotel breakfast wasn’t holding us over so we decided to stop at Denny’s for breakfast. We traveled approximately 700 miles through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia and were on the road for about 13 hours.  My favorite state to travel through was Tennessee-the hills made for a gorgeous drive.  Unfortunately, the farther south we went the hotter the temperature got.   We ran into a few different traffic jams that added about an extra hour of driving time but luckily I navigated us through the backroads so we could avoid them.  We got to stop at Sonic in Tennessee-oh how I have missed my route 44 diet coke with raspberry!  Along our travels we found Lovers Lane (exit 5), and a truck with a confederate flag hanging out the back to confirm we were in the south.  We decided to stop in Macon, Georgia to sleep at a Holiday Inn leaving us about 5 hours to drive to Orlando the next day.  Tired and hungry, we went to a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings in order to catch the end of the Georgia vs. Auburn Women’s College World Series softball game.  Surprisingly, the only thing playing at Buffalo Wild Wings was the UFC fight-no Georgians were watching Georgia softball.  Luckily, they switched a tv for us and we got to catch the end of the game over a cold beer.  They had Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy on tap (what a nice surprise!) and they also carded my dad-hehe!