June 30, 2016

Today was a long day of work!  Per usual, I went in at 3:30pm, and before work I just stopped at Publix (nothing too exciting).  I give Greg rides to work because he lives in the complex next to me and we usually go in at the same time (he works custodial at the Polynesian too).  We had to turn around part way to work because he forgot his work shoes-luckily we weren’t late!

When we got our work assignments I found that I was working at the pools.  I had never worked the pool area before so I basically followed Greg around all night because he was working the pool as well.  It turns out Greg forgot his name tag too and so he got to be “Taylor” from Orlando for the night.  Whenever anything bad happened that night we just blamed it on Taylor.

My main responsibilities were keeping the towels stocked, emptying the dirty towel containers, and picking up the pool area at both Polynesian pools-the Lava Pool and the new Oasis pool.  It was really easy, but really hot outside.  I was sweating like crazy!

Luckily, we got a nice break about 9pm because lightning came.  When the lightning comes everyone has to evacuate the pool area-including employees.  For us, this meant that we got to go hang out in the lobby until the pool reopened.  Yay for air conditioning!  It turns out the rule is everyone has to wait 30 minutes after each lightning strike before they can re-open the pools.  On a positive note, it never rained.

Unfortunately, the pools opened back up at 10pm (they close at 11pm) so we were busting our butts trying to get everything clean and ready to close down! I was surprised at how many people were waiting for the pool to open back up-it filled in a matter of minutes.

We finally finished everything we needed to and headed home. It was a long, hot day.  I was so excited to shower when I got home!