June 3, 2016

Today was our first day on the road!  My little car is packed, or maybe a more appropriate word, stuffed. Unfortunately, we can’t see out of the back window of my car, but who needs that anyways?!  We started the drive to Illinois from Eau Claire at 11:00am.  We stopped in Deforest, WI for a quick lunch at Arby’s and then continued to drive.  The drive wasn’t the prettiest (lots of cornfields) but we eventually reached Danville, IL.  We visited the gravesite of my great-grandparents, Frances and Joseph, watched some baby swans swim in the pond in the front of the cemetery, and visited an old neighbor from my dad’s childhood.  One of the best parts of our adventure was stopping at Custard Cup-the best homemade custard I’ve ever had in my life!  My dad thought it had closed down so we were very surprised to see the original building standing.  After our treat, my dad took a trip down memory lane and showed us where my grandpa used to work, my great-grandparents house, the houses they lived in in Westville, IL, and the ballpark he grew up playing at. It was a lot of driving, but a fun day exploring Illinois.  Tomorrow will be a lot more driving but right now we are enjoying some World Series softball in the hotel room.  🙂IMG_0294