June 26, 2016

Today was the last of my five day stretch at work.  I worked on homework in the morning and headed off to work in the afternoon.  I was stationed at the Ohana and Captain Cooks bathrooms and I also had to take care of the first floor of the lobby once the pool reopened.  The pool closed due to the lightening and I was lucky I had an umbrella in my trunk because I got soaked on my way into work (even with the umbrella).

Work went fairly quickly and I also had the pleasure of talking to a lady in the lobby about the Disney Vacation Club.  She gave me a bunch of information on it and I found it really fascinating.  I can almost guarantee that as soon as I have $17,000 to spare…I will be joining!  I got off at midnight and talked to Cassie and Mayra at home who had just gotten off of work too.  I was so exhausted I fell asleep very quickly!