June 21, 2016

Today was my second day off, and my last day off for a while so I decided to sleep in.  We woke up and decided that we wanted to go to Epcot to see if we could ride “Frozen Ever After” the new Frozen themed ride that opened in Norway.  We figured it would be busy so me, Cassie, Mayra, and Cristina, left the apartment around 10:30 to get there at 11am right when the world showcase section of Epcot opened.  Unfortunately, we were late because a line had already started forming and the wait when we arrived was already at 300 minutes! We decided it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so we hopped in line.  We even got our picture taken with Lars who had the fun job of holding the wait time at the start of the line.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t even get fast passes for the ride because they had been booked months in advance.

It was a long line.  If you know where Norway is in Epcot…the line started in China, the country next to it. We waited for about an hour when employees came around saying that the ride was having technical difficulties and that it would be down for an hour.  This would have been a good time for us to leave and come back a different day, but we decided to stay.  Many people ahead of us got out of line so even though the ride was not operating, we were still moving forward the whole time.  Cassie had to work at 2:30pm so Cristina left to go give Cassie a ride to Animal Kingdom while we saved her place in line.  Mayra decided to buy a Vodka smoothie from China which she kindly shared with me.  It made the wait much more enjoyable!

Not long after Cristina and Cassie left, employees brought out water stations for us waiting in line so we could drink cold water in the heat and they handed out Mickey ice cream bars and sandwiches for FREE! Nothing tastes better than a free Mickey ice cream sandwich when you are hot waiting in line for hours.  I was so impressed that Disney did that for us.  Eventually the ride started back up again and everyone in line started cheering and doing the wave.  The line was steadily moving and we made it all the way to Norway!  Cristina came back and joined us and then the ride had “technical difficulties” again! Ugh! But we were so close to getting inside the building that we weren’t moving.  We had already waited in line for over two hours!  Disney handed out more ice cream treats so I had another two free Mickey bars.  They also had men dressed in Viking Costumes walking around and entertaining the guests-I was amazed at how many little kids were behaving in line for hours.

It was a long wait in the hot sun but eventually after about another hour the ride started up again.  It took us four hours but we finally got inside and into the air conditioning. They completely changed the decor on the inside of the ride.  It was so fun to look at, but unfortunately there was still a line.  We found out that they stopped allowing people to get into the standby line because the wait for people with fast passes was almost 2 hours!

An hour later we got to hop on the ride! Yay! We were so exhausted and so excited at the same time.  The ride exceeded my expectations and I immediately wanted to ride it again after I got off.  Unfortunately, I don’t foresee the line getting any smaller anytime soon. I’m sure the ride will be extremely popular this summer.

After riding Frozen, we were so hungry we decided to go get pulled pork cheese fries from Flame Tree Barbecue the quick service restaurant in Animal Kingdom that Cassie works at.  We got to Animal Kingdom, booked some fast passes, and indulged in cheese fries.  They were so good.  If you got to Animal Kingdom and are on the meal plan,  I highly recommend getting them as a snack.  Delicious.

After our fries we rode Dinosaur, Expedition Everest, ate dole whip, saw It’s Tough to be a Bug, and went on a night safari.  We were so excited to see the lions were out!  After our safari we decided to see if we could get in line for the Jungle Book show.  When we got in line they mentioned that there was only standing room left, but luckily they moved us to a different section and we ended up getting second row seats!  The Jungle Book show was the coolest thing that I have seen while in Disney.  It was incredible, and there were so many different things to look at-I can’t wait to see it again.

We headed out of the park after the show was over and got to see the Tree of Life light up on the way out.  We were extremely tired when we got home, but it was a fun day-and we got to ride something on the opening day! How cool!

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