June 20, 2016

June 20th is my birthday!  It felt awfully strange being away from home and everyone I love, but I still had a great day.  Thank you to everyone that sent a letter, message, or text!  I appreciate all of it!

I started the day by going to Magic Kingdom with Gretta.  We went to The Emporium on Main St. and she got me a “Happy Birthday” button to wear and she got an “I’m celebrating Kaitlyn” button.  Although the cast member who wrote my name spelled it correctly on my button and spelled it “Katlun” on Gretta’s.  We thought it was funny.

I hadn’t been to Tomorrowland since arriving which was a real shame because it is my favorite part of all of the parks, so we went and got in line at Space Mountain. We waited for about an hour but finally got on!  The nice thing about going places with Gretta is that she has an annual pass to Disney so she has memory maker for free.  This means that if I go on any rides with her we get the pictures of it! So enjoy below!

After Space Mountain, we ran over to Fantasyland to try to get into Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch.  We didn’t have a reservation but luckily the two of us got in!  I ordered a roast beef sandwich and fries and Gretta surprised me and ordered me “the grey stuff” for dessert! She is so sweet! Checked that one off the bucket list!

After Be Our Guest we decided to head to Animal Kingdom because we booked fast passes to go on the safari. Even though we went in the day time, the safari was perfect!  Almost all the animals were out and we saw a female and male lion sleeping next to each other on a rock.  It was adorable.

Cassie got off work at Animal Kingdom, so we decided to wait for her so I could give her a ride home.  We waited in line for Dinosaur which is one of my favorite rides but unfortunately it said the wait was 80 minutes!  We decided just to wait anyways until Cassie finished her shift.  Luckily we only waited 20 minutes!  The wait time was way off!  Gretta told me that sometimes they increase the wait time at Soarin’ if they are trying to detract people from the ride-so I’m guessing that for some reason that’s what they were doing.

We met up with Cassie after we got off the ride and returned to the apartment.  Everyone else was there waiting for us and all six of us got dressed up and went to dinner at a restaurant called BJ’s.  They had a huge menu and they brew their own beer. I ordered a house-brewed beer and a steak!  It was so good!  We had a really good time and I even got a free pazookie which is like a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top.  Our waiter was so nice that he gave us all our own free pazookies!

After dinner we went to Publix to get alcohol and went back to the apartment. We played a couple of card drinking games (I kept losing), and then we played cards against humanity.  I have never played that before and although it was terrible…I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard.  I had a really great night with people I didn’t know existed over a year ago.  I am so lucky I found such great roommates.


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