February 11, 2016

Today is my very first blog post!  I thought starting out I would give some background information about me and what I am trying to accomplish.  Currently I am in the process of interviewing for the Disney College Program.  The Disney College Program, which I will usually refer to as the DCP, is a college internship experience where I would get the opportunity to work for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  The interview process is lengthy and currently I am waiting to hear back on whether or not I am accepted into the program.  The first step of applying is to submit an application.  The application consists of work history and volunteer experiences, school information, and preferences to roles.  If you are lucky, you are then sent an email requesting you to take a web-based interview.  If you pass the WBI, you may be offered a phone interview.  Up to this point I have completed all three steps (my phone interview was on January 29th).  If you want more in depth information into the interview process go to quick links.  Right now I am super anxious!  I feel that I did well in my phone interview but there are no guarantees that I will be accepted.  This is my first time applying to the program and I have been fortunate enough to get to this point.  If I do get accepted I will hopefully be leaving for Orlando at the end of May and be returning to Wisconsin at the beginning of January.  Please wish me luck and I will keep you all posted! My interviewer said I should hear by late March, but I will for sure know by April 15th either way.  If you have any questions for me regarding the application process please contact me!