August 13, 2016

Today was the first day of my “32 hours of hell”.  I was scheduled to work two doubles back to back which rarely happens.  I had to be in by 7:30am so I left the apartment around 6:30am.  I was so tired!  I got to work and got my keys.  Most workers come in at 8am, so if you go in at 7:30am it is because you are working the bathrooms.  They do this because Ohana, the very popular character restaurant, opens at 7:30am.

At 8am I went to our morning meeting at the housekeeping office and our leader talked for 50 minutes.  Apparently, we are having an audit done soon and we will possibly be having professionals question us and watch us to make sure we are doing our job properly.  The morning went by fast but that was because I was in charge of 3 restrooms and the lobby trash so I was busy the whole time.  I also had a very nice lady put a $10 bill in my pocket while I was cleaning the restroom and say “thank you”.  I tried to decline it but she insisted. It made my whole day.

At 3:30pm I went back to the housekeeping office for our afternoon meeting and to switch my keys to start the night shift.  I was put at Luau which was fine with me because that meant I got to drive around a pargo. My coordinator told me to go take a break and get something to eat so I went and got a chicken wrap and fries from the cafeteria with my $10 bill.  I was pretty tired the whole day especially since my cold had just started to get really bad.

My roommate Cristina and her family had been staying at the Polynesian for a week and it was their last night there.  Cristina texted me that they had extra quick service food to use up on their meal plan and they asked if I wanted a late dinner.  They got me pulled pork nachos (see picture below), a fruit cup, and a coke from Captain Cooks. Cristina got me a coke without asking (she is starting to know me well) haha! It was so nice of them and it made my night way better!  I got off at 11:30pm and drove home to sleep.  I was exhausted and it was worse knowing that I would have to be up again at 6:30am the next morning.