April 22, 2016

Today I wanted to document my 10 favorite rides/attractions at Walt Disney World and see if they would change for me after the program.  So here it goes!

  1. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress– This attraction is my all time favorite that many people overlook.  I feel like I have a piece of Walt with me every time I see it.  Although it may not be the ride that is the most “fun”, it is special.  Tomorrowland has always been my favorite part of Magic Kingdom because of this piece of art.
  2. Peter Pan– Peter Pan is one of my all time favorite Disney movies.  I’m all about never growing up.  Every time I go to Disney this ride has a crazy long line, and so it has always been one of the first rides I get a FastPass to.  Maybe it is the unique feeling of sailing over London that I love so much, but this is definitely a childhood favorite.
  3. Ellen’s Energy Adventure– There are few people I love more than Ellen Degeneres, and put her in a  ride with Bill Nye the Science Guy and dinosaurs and it’s a fantastic thing.  I have heard that many people find this ride boring, but I look forward to it every time I visit Epcot.
  4. Space Mountain– This is the first “big-girl” rollercoaster I ever went on.  I remember riding it with my dad and being SO scared to go on it.  It not only holds a special place in my heart, but it is arguably the best rollercoaster in Magic Kingdom.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean– I love the Pirates movies, and this ride is super unique.  I mainly love it because it feels the absolute BEST when you’ve been in the hot sun all day because the line is in the shade and the ride is heavily air conditioned. But Captain Jack Sparrow is in there! Need I say more?
  6. Dinosaur– I must confess I have a thing for dinosaurs.  My little sister loved them growing up so I got annoyed with them, but they really are the coolest thing.  This ride is more of a thriller, but it is so much fun.  My sisters and I always strike a pose because we know when the camera will be flashing in the middle.
  7. Tower of Terror– This ride still freaks me out…mainly because I know when the drop is coming but I don’t quite have it down to the minute.  Great job to everyone who works at this ride though because they truly make it an eerie experience.
  8. Haunted Mansion-This is an underrated Disney movie and such a fun ride.  Maybe I’m weird for liking things that spook me but this ride is always fun to me because there is so much to look at inside.  Not to mention the graveyard you have to walk through has the funniest tombstones ever.
  9. Living with the Land- I never knew this ride existed for the longest time.  One day we decided to try it after years of just walking past it and now it is one of my favorites.  It takes you through a boat tour of Disney’s food growing area and it focuses on how Disney is sustainable.  I never thought I’d be so interested in something like this, but this ride made me want to take the Environmental seminar series through the DCP to learn more.
  10. People Mover- I could sit on this ride all. day. long.  It may be essentially a train in Tomorrowland, but Tomorrowland is my favorite and when walking around all day it feels amazing to just sit there.  There is almost never a line, and there have been days when I have went around multiple times in a row.

Looking at this list it is clear that I like the rides that are close to my heart and educational.  I can’t wait to experience everything WDW has to offer in a few months and see if this list changes!  Forty-five more days until check in! 🙂