Boatwright’s Dining Hall

Location: Port Orleans-Riverside

Type: Full-Service (Dinner)

Menu Items I’ve Tried: Turbodog Barbecued Ribs, Mardi Gras Fritters, Fried Okra

Recommendation:  This cajun-style restaurant is a great place to go for a feel-good meal.   I wanted to get the jambalaya but I didn’t know if I’d like it so I went for the ribs.  The ribs were good (with more of a dry rub than a sauce) but I tried some of Chrissy’s jambalaya and it was great! The fried okra wasn’t my thing, but I had never had okra before.  The mardi gras fritters were delicious and I will be ordering those again.  The red pepper jelly you put on them is to die for.  You also get complementary corn bread and butter….enough said.

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