The first thing to do for a Professional Internship is to apply! Different job postings will come out around the time that DCP applications come out, but unlike DCP applications, they do not come out all at once.  There are usually waves of different postings that come out each day for at least a month.

Tip #1 Find the job postings that you are both interested in and that fit with your education or work experience.  Professional Internships are extremely competitive so don’t waste your time applying for something if you know you don’t have any of the basic qualifications.

Once you find which internships you want to apply to, create a resume (and cover letter if you wish) for each posting.  Make sure you tailor your resume to the specific qualifications they are looking for for each position. Use keywords that they use in the posting and put them on your resume.  I have heard that all applications that are submitted are run through a scanner that detects “keywords” to see if you have basic qualifications.  Make sure you list everything that they are looking for that applies to you.  This is all the recruiters are going to see about you to decide whether they want to interview you or not.

Some people find that they are qualified for 20 different internships, while some people (like me) only apply to 6.  It depends on your qualifications, but if you are qualified, it won’t hurt your chances if you apply to a bunch.

The application is set up much like the DCP application.  You list all of your basic information, your school, and then you list your work and experiences.   There are five different work/experience spaces and they want you to list skills and responsibilities of each.

Tip #2 The skills and responsibility areas are where you should highlight things on your resume.  If your resume is tailored well, just pull words off of your resume to use.  You also have more room to write so you can add things you couldn’t fit on your resume as well.

After you list your experiences, PI applications will vary.  Some of my applications asked specific yes/no questions about the role itself and asked about how many years of experience I have had working in a particular area.

When you are finished with your application-submit it! Yay! You did it! Make sure to upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts or any other documents they listed on the posting.  Also save a copy of the job posting so you can prepare for an interview. Once the posting goes down, you can not access it again.   After you submit your application, you will go into submission.  Submission is good!