Quarantine Update

This has been a challenging time for all of us.  Never has anything like this happened in my lifetime and some days have been harder than others.  Although I am an extrovert and desperately miss socializing (I would give anything to go enjoy a drink at a bar right now), I have been trying to focus on the positives and wanted to share my happy thoughts!

  1. I am healthy and so are my family and friends!  Even though this virus has impacted many people across the globe, I am grateful that I am healthy and that the people I care about are too.
  2. I am employed!  Working for Disney during this time has been a new experience.  We all have had to change the way we do our work to incorporate more technology (lots of video calls) and our roles are beginning to change too.  Disney unfortunately had to furlough many people, but I am blessed that I am not one of them.  This is definitely something to be thankful for while I see so many people suffering and struggling with unemployment.
  3. I have been learning more than ever!  Not only have I been learning new roles at work while some of my coworkers are being furloughed, but I have been taking extra time to grow.  I have been listening to lectures on Khan Academy, a free resource that has many different lessons (I have been studying US History). I have also made the decision to start studying for the GMAT so I can hopefully start school this fall to get my MBA.
  4. I found my passion for reading again! I have always loved to read but I have been doing it slowly.  I am usually so busy that I read a little here and there but I don’t make the time to sit down for a few hours and enjoy a good book.  That has changed during quarantine as I am already on book #6!  I forgot how much I loved to read and hope to keep this habit going strong when life resumes back to “normal”.
  5. I am focusing on me! With no distractions and no excuses it is easier for me to focus on myself.  I have been working on creating a routine that I want to maintain when “normal” life resumes.  I have been taking a relaxing bath on Sundays, working out for an hour each day, going on lots of walks with Mowgli, focusing on healthy eating, and really trying to enjoy simple things in life like going to the grocery store and playing card games with my sister.

I have found that when you are like me and used to a life of constant craziness, it can be difficult to learn how to slow down.  But through this time, I have found an appreciation for living simply.  Not every day is easy, but I hope that everyone is staying home and staying safe as best they can so that we can all come back stronger and wiser!

Thanks Aunt Lynne for the masks!


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