January Obsessions

I can’t believe that the first month of 2020 is already over! So far 2020 has been full of exciting changes for me.  Many people who know me well, know that I often find products/services that I fall in love with.  I decided this year I wanted to start doing a monthly recap of my favorite products each month.  See my January Obsessions below!

Iron Flask

IMG_3506Like many people, one of my daily health challenges is drinking enough water.  Luckily, I like the taste of water (I know many people don’t) but my biggest issue is having COLD water.  I have a hard time drinking water if it is at room temperature.

My sisters both have Hydro Flask water bottles that are amazing as they keep your water cold for 24+ hours…but they come with a crazy price tag of around $50.  I was determined to find a cheaper product and luckily found the Iron Flask on Amazon.

I have the 40oz Iron Flask in the color Bubble Gum and I paid under $30 for it.  It comes with three different lid styles and when you fill it up with ice, it keeps water cold for days.  It is AMAZING!  There are many different sizes/colors to choose from, but I love the 40oz size because I do not have to refill it that frequently throughout the day.

Check out the Iron Flask Here!

Home Chef

New year, new health goals…right?!  Well luckily eating healthy has become WAY easier for me since I found Home Chef.  Home Chef is a food delivery service that ships your ingredients and recipes right to your front door once a week.  You can use their app/website to make your meal selections and then BAM all of your meal prep/planning for the week is done.


I absolutely love this meal service for a few different reasons…

  1. The recipes are all delicious – I have yet to try one that I don’t like!
  2. All of their dishes are relatively low in calories.  Most meals I’ve tried are around 400-700 calories, but you can easily look and see what the nutrition info is before you select the meal.  This makes calorie counting SUPER EASY!
  3. Each meal is packaged individually and most items are prepped/measured out for you.  This makes dinner SO painless.  Usually I can throw together a healthy, gourmet dinner for myself in under 30 minutes. Score!
  4. When you order for the first time they send you a binder for your recipe cards.  This way you can save all of the recipes you purchase and make them again in the future.

For $35 off your first Home Chef order, click the link below!

Try out Home Chef here! 


Calling all pup parents! One of my favorite Christmas presents I received was my Furbo.  This is a camera for your home that allows you to keep an eye on your pup from an app on your phone. You can talk to your dog AND it dispenses treats!

I love/hate the Furbo app because it lets me check in on Mowgli while I’m at work, but it also sends me alerts when he is barking!  This week I was alerted that he was barking and was able to use the Furbo app to find out he accidentally locked himself in Lindsey’s bedroom.  Thanks Furbo!  Highly recommend one of these if you are a dog lover…it is very helpful (and also a little extra home security!).


Bubbly Water

Maybe this one seems a little crazy…but I am OBSESSED with Bubbly water.

One of my IMG_3512New Years Resolutions for 2020 is to eliminate soda.  Regular soda is full of sugar (empty calories), and diet soda is filled with sketchy chemicals.  I’ve made the switch from drinking soda to sparkling water or iced tea and I haven’t missed it yet!

My favorite flavors of Bubbly that I have tried so far are Peach, Blackberry, and Grapefruit.  It is light and refreshing and it gives me the “fizz” fix.  Sparkling water is not sweet like soda, but it does hit the spot!  I probably drink at least one a day and I keep a whole case of it at work.




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