How to Make Money…FAST!

Yesterday I posted about Murphy’s Law and how things go wrong when they can go wrong.  I briefly talked about how I was able to save up $1,000 relatively quickly and it was primarily by selling things that I own.  Selling things is really quite simple, so I wanted to give some tips for those that want to make some money off of their unused stuff!

Not sure what to sell?  I get it!  I didn’t think I had much to get rid of until I started going through each room of our apartment and thinking “do I use this often?” and “is this going to be something I need in the future?”  I found a lot of items that I really didn’t need.  For example, with the launching of Disney+ and the general popularity of streaming services, I decided I no longer needed to have Blu-ray’s or my Blu-ray player.  I made over $250 on selling my Blu-rays!

Listed below are my favorite selling platforms and how I have sold all of my stuff I deemed unnecessary!

Facebook Marketplace

  • Facebook Marketplace can be used if you have a Facebook account. It posts the items you want to sell to the “Marketplace” which is essentially your local community. (think Craigslist, but less sketchy)
  • I found selling larger or more complex items on Facebook Marketplace is easier than a platform like Ebay as there are no selling fees, you don’t have to ship your item, and you can make cash, fast! (I made over $900)
  • Examples of items I sold on Facebook Marketplace were my MacBook Pro, Disney Blu-ray Movies, small kitchen appliances/tools, Blu-ray player, and puppy items that Mowgli no longer needed.
  • I never once felt unsafe meeting up with people to exchange items, but most people are open to meeting at a local gas station/Starbucks if you don’t want them coming to your house.
  • Tip: many people want a “deal” so if you want to sell your item for $50, set it at $60 and expect that people WILL try to ask if you’ll take less (and if they don’t bargain, then more $ for you!)


  • I have bought and sold items on Ebay for years!  It is very user-friendly and is easy to create an account.
  • I find that smaller, more luxurious items are easier to sell on Ebay as they are easier to ship and you will most likely get more money for them.
  • Examples of items I have sold on Ebay were my Clarisonic electric face brush, Beats headphones, old cell phones, unused protein powder, and designer purses/sunglasses.
  • Tip: make sure that you charge enough for shipping or you can get burned!  For example, if you are selling an item for $20 and you list it with “free shipping”, paying $14 to ship it at the Post Office is going to cut into your profits!  I recommend shipping using the USPS Priority Boxes because they are free at any Post Office, they will tape the box for you (also free), and each size of box has a fixed price so you know exactly what to charge for shipping.
  • One thing to note with Ebay is that the do have selling fees.  Typically you do not have to pay to list your item, but if it sells, Ebay will usually take a small percentage of the selling price.


  • Poshmark is relatively new to me but it is a great network to sell clothing and accessories.  You can list new or used items from your closet to sell!
  • This app is great to sell unused things in your closet that you would normally bring to a consignment store…think about those jeans that are too big, those boots you don’t wear, or that nice watch you no longer use!  It is like a garage sale…through an app.
  • Poshmark is relatively “risk-free” as they send you the USPS shipping label to use when your item is purchased and all buyer payments go through the app.
  • I’m still new to this app, but if you have a lot of clothes/accessories you want to sell it is worth checking out!

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration on how you can clean out your cupboards and closets and make some money off of the things that you no longer need!  One person’s junk is another person’s treasure 🙂

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