Accomplished & Unexpected

As many of you know, I’ve been working hard to clear up the debt I accumulated in college.  I was fortunate that I never had to take out student loans, but I was stupid and lived WAY above my means in college and went in debt to do it.  I have since learned how to budget (thanks to the EveryDollar app and Dave Ramsey), but I’ve been working hard to erase the $21K I owe so I can be debt free!

The first “baby step” in Dave Ramsey’s plan is to save $1,000 in an emergency fund.  I have always been horrible at saving money, so I was SO proud of myself this week when I transferred $1,000 to my savings account and completed step #1.  It took me a little while to save up the money since I have been simultaneously saving for Christmas presents, but I also got in the spirit of selling and sold over $1,000 in stuff I had around the house on Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. The biggest items I sold were my MacBook Pro for $650 and all of my Disney Blu-ray movies for over $250!

Unfortunately, I found out this week why it is so important to have an emergency fund.  Two days (TWO DAYS!!!!) after I FINALLY saved up $1,000, my car started making this funny noise when I tried to accelerate.  Now, I am not a car person and I prefer to treat the bad noises cars make by turning up the volume on the radio and ignoring it… but I knew I needed to get it inspected.

The good news?  The repair is less than $1,000.  The bad news?  The repair is $635, which basically drains my entire emergency fund 😦  (For those of you who are car people – I need new spark plugs and ignition coils).  Even though this situation is pretty sucky, I am SO glad that I had worked on this emergency fund or this car problem would have been 10x more stressful (especially during the holidays).

So this week has been full of highs and lows, but the good news is that I know I can accomplish saving $1,000 since I’ve already done it!  Hopefully when I get there next time the money will be able to sit there for at least a few months…


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