Happy Birthday Mowgli!

Today is a special day…my best friend turned one!  I am proud to announce I have reached a new level of being a “crazy dog mom” as I went all out to make sure that Mowgli had an amazing birthday.  Let’s be honest, he has no idea what any of this means…but he did enjoy the attention and the endless treats!

He started his day off with his breakfast being topped with whipped cream, enjoyed a full day at doggy daycare with his friends, and ended the day with a birthday party thrown by yours truly.

The amazing workers at his daycare spoiled him SO much today.  They did a birthday photoshoot with him (in which he apparently peed on them in excitement), gave him a goodie bag stuffed with treats and toys, AND they gave him coupons for free daycare and a free bath!

He was crazy tired when I picked him up from daycare but I stopped at Woof Gang Bakery on the way home and found some adorable mini “Happy Birthday” cakes.  Mowgli LOVED the cakes and was also surprised by his birthday present: a box from Chewy that came with his “It’s My Birthday” bandana, two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew (all birthday themed of course!).

We had a great day celebrating him and it is SO hard for me to believe that I already have a one year old.  He has been such a blessing in my life and he continues to be my snuggle buddy, exercise partner, and #1 fan!

Throwing a birthday party for your dog may be a little nuts, but he deserves it…he has to deal with me every day! 🙂



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