Christmas Gift Ideas (for the difficult ones)

Christmas is my FAVORITE.  I am one of those Christmas-crazed people that starts blasting Christmas music November 1st and plans my gifts year-round.  I realize getting and giving gifts is not the point of Christmas, but there is nothing that excites me more than finding the perfect gift that you know is going to make someone smile.

I keep setting the bar higher for myself because each year I feel like I have to do better than the year before! I’ve listed a lot of my gift ideas I’ve had this year (and in the past) that can give you some inspiration if you feel stuck!  In my mind, kids are much easier (and more fun) to shop for, but now that everyone in my family is an adult, I’ve had to get more creative!  I should also note I’m very anti-gift card – although I’m always happy to get one, I like to find a gift that is unique for that person.  If I can find something that is both personal and practical – I’ve hit a home run!

Tip 1: If you are shopping for the “person who has everything” ie. my father, who when he wants something, buys it himself…I suggest focusing on gifting experiences instead of physical objects!

Tip 2: Teens/Early 20’s can appear to be difficult to shop for because seemingly everything on their list will be some pricey electronic or a gift card. I like to focus gifts for this age group to be practical things that they just don’t have the extra money to buy!

Gift Ideas

  • Tickets – Concert tickets, movie tickets, comedian tickets, and sporting event tickets can be awesome gifts for someone.  Most people have a favorite band or football team and if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, movie tickets can be an easy, yet thoughtful gift you know that someone will enjoy!  You can even pair the tickets with memorabilia for the team/artist like a t-shirt.
  • Photo gifts – Shutterfly (or similar websites) have unique photo gifts at a variety of price points.  You can get picture pillows or blankets made, calendars, wall canvases, or even coffee mugs.  Picture frames are also an item that most people hate to spend money on but love to receive. You could even take it a step further and get surprise family photos taken!  (FYI these all make amazing grandparent gifts)
  • Tumblers – Maybe I’m the only one but I always stroll down the tumbler/mug aisle at Target and want them all.  Some tumblers like Tervis, Thermos, or Hydroflask brands can be $20-$50 but it is a gift that you know will be loved and used often! Starbucks always has super cute tumbler/mug designs in their stores too.  Pair it with a coffee gift card, some tea, or K-cups and you have a gift any teen would like!
  • Socks – Everyone loves a good pair of socks (even me and I don’t wear them often) and they can be a fun add to any gift as you don’t usually need to know a specific shoe size.  Get them a pair with their favorite sports team, fuzzy socks, or check out Bombas!
  • Surprise Boxes – If you know the size of the person you are shopping for, many companies offer gift boxes or “surprise” boxes on their websites during Christmas time.  Instead of a gift card, get them a gift set that you pick out instead. (Victorias Secret PJ Sets, Ivory Ella Surprise Boxes, and Lush gift sets are some of my favorites)
  • Subscriptions – Subscription boxes are a hot item right now and there is one for pretty much anything! Meal Subscriptions like Hello Fresh, Fab Fit Fun boxes, Dollar shave club boxes, wine boxes, etc.  You could even send a box from companies like Fabletics, Omaha Steaks, or Bark Box for their beloved fur baby.  Yearly subscriptions to Amazon Prime, a magazine, or Disney+ could be a very useful gift too!
  • Ancestry/DNA Tests – A subscription to Ancestry online could be a cool learning experience for someone who wants to learn more about where they came from.  Another great gift idea is the DNA tests you can take through Ancestry or 23 and Me to learn more about yourself.
  • Makeup – This one really only works if you know the person you are shopping for is into makeup…but Kylie Lip Kits, Eyeshadow Palettes (like Naked or Modern Renaissance) or even just a few high-quality items like nice mascara, lipstick, or face masks can be really awesome gifts!
  • Jewelry – This is often one of my go-to’s and can be easily personalized.  I love fun statement pieces like earrings from Kendra Scott.  Bracelets or rings from Alex & Ani can be easily personalized as well because they have everything from Disney quotes to Sports teams.  My Name Necklaces or coordinate necklaces are always cute and can be personalized online. If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one, you can also find fingerprint necklaces and other unique pieces.
  • Sports Memorabilia – Any sports team can be an easy way to find the perfect gift.  You can buy anything from an autographed picture or wall canvas, to a sports jersey, sweatshirt, hat or an Alex & Ani bracelet as mentioned above.
  • Blankets/Throw Pillows – This is one of those gifts that I think everyone loves to get.  There is nothing better than a snuggly blanket or adorable throw pillow. I hate spending $30 on a throw pillow for myself, but it makes a great gift!
  • Plants/Planters – I have a black thumb so this gift doesn’t always come to mind, but for people who love to garden getting them some cute planters could be a unique gift.  Many people (like my 20 year old sister) would also like to get a bamboo or succulent plant for their apartment.
  • Tool Boxes – This one is inspired by my Dad because he came up with this idea one year and I found it to be very practical.  Most people in their early 20s do not have a good selection of tools when they move into their first apartment or house.  Filling a tool box with things like a hammer, measuring tape, electric screwdriver, flashlight, wrenches, screws, nails, etc. is a great idea!
  • Car Cleaning Kit – Many stores sell car cleaning products or bundles and you could pair it with a gift card for car washes and/or car air fresheners for the everyday car-lover.
  • Candles/Smelly Stuff – Candles are probably one of the most popular gift ideas, but things like Scentsy warmers, candle votives, or even fancy car air fresheners can make good gifts for pretty much anyone.
  • Tupperware/Bakeware – Maybe this seems crazy, but I love to cook and I sure do love getting a new set of tupperware containers.  Pyrex sets are always nice too and if you want to get fancy you could even get a nice baking dish from a place like Le Creuset.  I love cookbooks so I’ll just throw that in as an idea too for those that love cooking!
  • Items with a Good Cause – If you know the person you are shopping for likes eco-friendly products and/or items that support a good cause, check out websites like 4 Ocean, Bombas, Ivory Ella, Love Your Melon, and Toms.  If you’re shopping for a vegan like my sister, you can even “adopt” animals (like a Manatee) in someone else’s name!
  • Home Decor/Ornaments – Ever go into a store like Pier One Imports or Hobby Lobby and just see so much “cute” stuff?  Go browse one of these stores and I’m sure you can find something for the person you are looking for. Personalized ornaments are great too! Online, Etsy is also an amazing place to find hand-made gifts and support small shops.  (Check out the custom holiday wreaths – they’re my favorite and they have one for every season!)

Hopefully this will help you with even the most difficult person on your list or give you some inspiration on how you can better personalize your gift-giving! Happy Shopping 🙂


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