The Curse of Working Out

It is official.  I believe I have a curse.  A few months ago, I was so proud of myself because I got to the last phase of an 80-day workout program.  It’s called 80 Day Obsession, and if you haven’t heard of it, it is so amazingly awful that checking off all 80 days is a huge accomplishment I was looking forward to.  It tested me beyond belief yet made me excited about working out.

This is when the curse hit first.  During one of my workouts, I set down a 10 pound dumbbell on my couch.  You know how much people talk about weight lifting safety? Well, it turns out it is important. The dumbbell rolled off the couch and dropped on my right foot fracturing two of my toes.  OUCH is all I can remember, but I was also SO disappointed that I had to stop working out. I was so close to the finish line and couldn’t follow through.

Fast forward a month of resting and healing my toes, I was ready to exercise again. A new program had launched, this one 100 days long!  I was up for the challenge and so excited to commit to it. Day 79..that is when the curse hit for the second time.  I was only 21 days away from finishing…

I’ve been selling a lot of things on Facebook Marketplace in preparation for moving to a new place when my apartment lease is up in April. I was meeting a man parked outside with the items he purchased from me when I tripped over the curb and rolled my right ankle.  To add to my embarrassment, this kind stranger caught me as I was falling – it would have been romantic had he not had a wife and kids waiting in the car for him.

So I am officially 0/2 on finishing workout programs and it is so disappointing I decided it HAS to be a curse. But in all seriousness, this mindset just proves to me how far I have come in my health journey.  In my “fat” days I would have given ANYTHING to have a doctor tell me I couldn’t exercise.  Now, when I can’t workout I miss it!  (I also miss dessert because I usually have to cut that out of my diet when I’m not burning tons of calories!)

In case you are curious on my next steps it is all a little unknown…I went to the doctor today for my ankle sprain and was referred to a podiatrist who I will meet with on December 4th.  I’m hoping I won’t need surgery, but due to being a pointe dancer growing up, my ligaments are stretched out which is why I’m so prone to ankle sprains.  I have tried physical therapy in the past with no luck – but I’m hoping there may be another option!  Maybe one of these days I WILL get the chance to finish a workout program 🙂

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