HOLY GRAIL Products for your Pooch

If you don’t know yet, I am a crazy dog lady.  Last year, when I was living by myself for the first time, I got really lonely.  I had never lived without a roommate.  Although I was happy to avoid the hot mess that inevitably happens when you live with a stranger you meet on the internet, my apartment felt way too quiet.

I very badly wanted another Golden Retriever as our family Golden, Molly, had passed away a couple of years prior.  I decided to “treat myself” for Christmas and I managed to find myself a Golden pup on a Kissimmee Craigslist post (yes, I was desperate). IMG_0819

Mowgli is my soul mate.  We have such similar personalities that if he wasn’t covered in fur, I would think he came from my very own uterus. This past year I’ve tried soooo many dog products (he’s a tad spoiled) so I wanted to compile a list of all of my faves!  If I did it all again, these are the products I would ABSOLUTELY, hands down be purchasing.


Mowgli has been a really good dog…and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mother, overall he has very good behavior.  The only issue I have had is with walking him on a leash.  He pulls…so badly…and no matter what I have tried (treats, stopping, etc.) nothing breaks him of it.  One night at the dog park a little old lady told me I was nuts that I didn’t have a harness for him.  I always liked the look of dog collars better than a harness so I never even looked at purchasing one.  She said it would fix my problem of him pulling….and MAN that lady was right.  I highly recommend a harness instead of a collar – he is like a totally new dog on a leash!  I just grabbed mine on Amazon, but they are all a little different so make sure you don’t tear of the tags until you know it is right for your dog!

Amazon Dog Harness

Flexi Leash

After a harness, you need a good leash.  I love flexi leashes and have a hard time understanding why a lot of people don’t use them.  It lets Mowgli run around and sniff without me being dragged along too.  I got his off of Chewy and when he chewed through the leash as a puppy they even sent me a new one free of charge!  Talk about great customer service.  It will be the best 26 feet you ever purchase!

Chewy Flexi Leash

Dog Baggies

I always have a couple of dog baggies wrapped around the end of Mo’s flexi leash.  You never know when (or where) they will need to do their business and this saves you the embarrassment of it being in someones yard!  It is so much better to be prepared – just trust me!  These planet-friendly poop bags are super high quality, scented, and will last you a long time.  Don’t be the person that doesn’t pick up after their dog.

Chewy Poop Bags

Outdoor Bed

Mowgli is allowed on the furniture so I decided not to buy him a pet bed as I figured it would never get used.  However, because we live in Florida and I love to sit on my deck, I decided an outdoor bed would be nice for him.  I recently purchased this bed from Chewy – it was so simple to put together and Mo LOVES it!  It is also very affordable and doesn’t get gross when it rains.  It is his new favorite spot for keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Outdoor Dog Bed


I started giving Mowgli rawhide bones when he was little because I am convinced it is in his DNA to love to chew.  It turns out the bones were splintering… and a $400 bill and a disappointed look from my vet made me realize I needed to find a better option.  Mowgli has had many different types of Nylabones and he has loved them all!  They are so strong and they even make flavored ones.  I ordered all of mine from Chewy – I’ll link a couple below!

Nylabone Dinosaur

Nylabone Wishbone

Bark Box

Bark Box totally got me with their marketing techniques via Facebook, but seriously…these things are so incredibly cute and a pretty darn good value!  Each box is about $20 but it comes with two toys, two bags of treats (USA made & natural), and a chew.   Every box has a “theme” and they are SO FREAKING ADORABLE.  It was also perfect for Mowgli because when he starts to get bored with his toys, new ones magically appear.  This is arguably more fun for you than your dog, but well worth the money!

Bark Box

Bissell Little Green

I saved this one for last because I call this my “secret weapon”. My step mom told me about this beauty and it has changed my life!  It is a portable spot cleaner (think mini carpet shampooer) and it works wonderfully if your pup has an accident inside the house.  Mowgli had his fair share of puppy accidents and this is the only thing that I feel actually “cleans” the carpet and removes the odor/stain.  It is very easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space.  It may seem a little pricey but it is WELL worth the money.  It works on upholstery too and can come in handy for any type of spill.  If you are getting a puppy…you NEED this.

Bissell Spot Remover

Hopefully one of these recommendations will be helpful to you!  Please leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂

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