In Celebration of Margaritas

Today is one of my favorite days due to great taco and margarita specials.  It also happens to be my sister’s birthday (Happy 17th Birthday Ky!).  In honor of starting a new job I decided to answer some questions for those curious.  See below 🙂

What is your new job?

I started my first “official” full time role as a Disney Financial Analyst.

What do you actually do?

I am a Financial Analyst on the BPAC team which stands for Business Planning & Analysis Center.  We are responsible for creating management reporting (not financial statement reporting) for all areas of Finance.  This means I get to work with Operations and Finance teams from all over the Parks and Resorts.  We currently produce reporting for Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts, Aulani, Disney Vacation Club, and some reports for Disneyland Resort as well.

The team was created a few years back to help create standardized reporting for the Company and to ensure the decision makers at the Parks/Resorts had accurate, consistent reports.  Our team works on reviewing and sending out reports as well as developing new reports that Operations or Finance would like to see.

Where do you work at?

I currently work at Team Disney which is a Cast Member only building across from Disney Springs.  You may recognize it from the giant sundial on the top!

What is your favorite part about it?

I love that this role will allow me to network with people from all over the Company.  Because we produce reports for almost all locations, it allows me to have interactions with many different people.  Creating and designing new reports for Operations and Finance also allows me to embrace my creative side and find “fun” ways to display numbers and data.

Another really cool part about working for Finance is that that they are big on doing things for the team.  They have four “Cast Pillars” that you can join (Community, Communication, Innovation, or Cast Investment) that allow you to network with other Finance members and simultaneously help out in a given area.  I am planning to join the Community Pillar which includes FinancEARS.  FinancEARS is a version of Disney VoluntEARS.  They organize events for Finance members to volunteer and help out the community.

My Director is also very involved with Cast Investment and created a FUN team.  The FUN team plans activities for us to do about once a month so we can all bond together. This month we are going on a tour of Central Shops.

What do you struggle with?

Disney uses many different technology systems and I have never worked in Disney Finance before so I have a LOT to learn.  I am surrounded with a team of very intelligent people, so it has been exciting, but difficult for me to be patient with my learning curve.  I am the type of person that wants to help out and make a difference right away, but I still have a long ways to go before I am an “expert” in this role.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day for me starts with coffee.  I get to work around 8:30-9am and go straight for the Keurig.  They have this delicious Caramel Vanilla Green Mountain Coffee and it is my new favorite thing.  If I feel like spoiling myself they have a Starbucks in the building lobby – which is both a blessing and a curse.

After enjoying my morning coffee, I review any reports that need to be sent out.  We have a list of reports that get sent out on certain days of the week.  One of my team members comes in early to create the report and my job is to look over them to make sure everything looks okay, add them to our website, and then email them out!

After reviewing reports, I typically go out to lunch (or eat the lunch I packed if I’m feeling healthier).  I love going to Disney Springs, Chick Fil-a, Chilis, Ale House, or a Crossroads restaurant.  It usually makes the day go faster if I get out of the office for a while.

After lunch, the rest of my day is spent playing around with designing new reports, attending meetings, or trying to learn new things.  I usually go home around 5-5:30pm. I am lucky the job has great work-life balance.

What are your plans for the future?

As of right now I am not sure what I want for the future.  I really want to become an “expert” in this role and see where the opportunities in Finance take me.  I also have plans to go back to school in the future to get my MBA.  Some day I would love to go back to Operations or maybe Finance in a Park or Resort that would give me more hands on experience at a single location.  Adventure is out there!


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